Dance of the Month - January 2021

Updated: Mar 16

We're excited to announce the very first Dance of the Month. Unlike our Dance of the Week - chosen by us- the winners are completely up to YOU. Each month we will announce the two categories with this months including; 'New Improver' and 'New Intermediate'.


  • 'Neon Vegas Lights' by Travis Taylor

  • 'Six' by Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever

  • 'Timing Is Everything' by The Highlander

  • 'Broken & Beautiful' by Sandra Speck

  • 'Heaven Help Me' by Urban Danielsson

  • 'Bumblebee' by Willie Brown

  • 'Baby I'm Jealous' by Wil Bos & Regina Cheung

  • 'Cruel Intentions' by Karl-Harry Winson


  • 'Little Less Broken' by Maddison Glover

  • 'Go To Bed' by Kevin Formosa

  • 'Nah, Nah, Nah' by Kim Liebsch

  • 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' by Alison Johnstone & Jen Stevenson

  • 'This Is Why' by Kim Ray

  • 'Why Drink' by Cheryl Dibble

  • 'Play a Game' by Jef Camps & Grace David

To cast your vote please join our Facebook Group. If you are unsure how to do that, please get in contact with us.

We'll be announcing the winners at the beginning of February.