Welcome to the L2LD Family

L2LD: Learn to Line Dance is an online based video tutorial service, teaching you everything there is to Line Dancing. Whether you've been dancing for decades or always wanted to learn.

Why We Dance

Line Dancing has been a massive part of our life here at L2LD for many decades and continues to this day. The feeling dance gives you is one that is hard to describe to somebody new, but for us it only scratches the surface. Our love for Line Dancing runs deeper, not for the feeling it gives us, but for the power it has on those joining us. It’s not about your ability or how perfect you are, it’s not about the technique or if you have done a step “wrong” - we call it a variation - it’s about the enjoyment, self-achievement and the journey, some may say challenge. The weight of the world pauses for a short moment as we put on our dance shoes and press play. 

The Mother-Daughter duo brings a new way of learning Line Dancing straight to the comfort of your own home, in a simple flexible format so you’ll never have to worry about missing a class again. Cassey is a qualified instructor with over 30 years of experience teaching everything from Beginners to Advanced levels and has many more years dancing socially. Born and raised a Line Dancer, Courtney’s first memory of dancing may have been when she was 4 years old however you won’t see her on your screens. She’ll be working behind the screens bringing you all the latest content.